Spring Soccer  2007 - Updated 1-11-07


Spring Soccer is an AYSO program that begins in February and ends in May or June. Unlike the fall season, where teams are created by the Division Commissioner, Spring coaches form their own teams by contacting players who played in Region 1422 in the fall.  Based on the number of All-Star and AYSO Plus players the coach has recruited, teams are placed in either the "Orange County Spring League (OCSL)" or "Recreational" league, and then play other teams throughout Orange County. In addition, some teams augment their season by entering tournaments.

The 2007 Spring Season will involve only Area 11L teams.  This will reduce some of the traveling we've experienced in recent years.

Fee: $35 Administration fee per player plus cost of uniform (amount determined by teams selection).
            Teams pay for all tournaments.

Coaching Qualifications

Head coach or Assistant coach in the Fall 2006 season. Proper coaching certification for the age group and Safe Haven certified. The deadline for Spring Coach applications is January 15, 2006 . Coaches are not permitted to coach in the Spring until they have received written approval from the Region.

Categories of Spring Teams

Three (3) categories of Spring teams (per Area 11-L guidelines)
Tournament (play tournaments ONLY) 
Competitive and 
Recreational (Comp. & Rec. participate in Area 11-L scheduled Spring program)

Competitive and Recreational teams may participate in tournaments before and after the scheduled season ONLY. Competitive and Recreational teams will be seeded by each Region according to the following schedule. 

Comp. Seed 1 (Plus teams and those teams comprising a high number of All Star players).
Comp. Seed 2 (all other Competitive teams). All U19/U16 teams are considered seed 1. 

Rec. seed 1 (4-6 All Star/Plus players in U12-U14 and 3-5 All Star players in U10).
Rec. seed 2 (3 or less All Star/Plus players in U12-U14 and 2 or less All Star players in U10). 

NOTE: Any player who has played Club soccer (for a club other than PSC-S) and also who has satisfied the requirement of playing 50% of the 2006 AYSO Fall season shall be considered an "impact" player (= All Star/Plus player) and must play on a Competitive team ONLY. 

NOTE: Any player who has played Club soccer on a PSC-S team during the Fall 2006 season may NOT play on an Area 11-L Spring League team without prior removal from the PSC-S team roster as well as having obtained prior approval from the AD/PSC-S President and the applicable RC. If approval is granted, such player shall be considered an "impact" player and must play on a Competitive team ONLY.

Guideline on Plus/All Star teams that choose to stay together for the spring season:
The lower 1/2 of the U10 in the points standings may be a better fit seeded as a 2 despite the number of Plus/All Star players.  The lower 1/3 of the U12-U14 teams in the points standings may be a better fit seeded as a 2 as well.

The seeding guidelines are simply guidelines and not meant to be hard-line rules.  You as a coach must decide on which bracket you would like to be a part of.

Team Selection

Each coach may select any age appropriate child who played in Region 1422 in the fall. Players may not be contacted for Spring play until December 11, 2006 after the Area Tournament is over. Coaches recruiting players prior to the recruiting date or interfering with players on a team still competing may not be allowed to coach a spring team. Players are not considered committed to your team until the child and his/her parent have signed a Player Commitment form. Make sure to get each player's medical release form from his/her fall coach.

Guest Players

Guest (AYSO) players from outside a team's home region shall be allowed according to the following guidelines: 
U-16 and U-19 - Any number
U-10, U-12 and U-14 - maximum three 
Recruitment of guest players from outside the region shall only be with the advance approval of all Regional Commissioners concerned and shall ONLY be allowed if regional resources of the appropriate age and adequate skill level have been exhausted. 
All guest players must be registered with AYSO National prior to commencing practice and play.
An $20 additional administrative fees will be applied.

Registration Type in Form


Referee support (U10-U14 teams) - 2 certified referees per team, capable of officiating matches at the level of teams they are supporting. No duplication, referees may represent one team ONLY. Regional Referee Administrators to certify list of referees submitted to Area. 

Referee support (U16/U19 teams) - 2 certified referees per team, with a minimum of one (1) of these individuals having an Advanced (Section) badge or higher. Regional Referee Administrators to certify list of referees submitted to Area.

Jackie will review any submitted referees and determine, based upon their prior 1422 history of working games, whether they will be acceptable for spring play. Players of referees that actively worked our Fall games should be given high priority in your team selection.

The Referee teams must be submitted to Bill Cook and Jackie Brady by Feb. 2, 2007 .

There are referee classes being formed by some of the larger regions in our Area so you will have a chance to get some of your parents trained and certified prior to the season beginning.  Our Region Referee Administrator, Jackie Brady, is also available to assist you in recruiting referees from within our region to be assigned to your team.  Please contact Jackie with any referee questions including the dates and places for the referee classes in other regions.

Important Dates

         12/11/2006 - You may begin contacting players and getting commitment letters.

         TBD - Spring Coaches Meeting @ LHCC.

         1/26/2007 - You must confirm you will be coaching a team and you must elect which category you will be playing in.

       2/2/2007 - Referee teams must be submitted. 

         2/12/2007 - Spring practice may begin.

         3/3/2007 - Spring season begins.

         4/29/07 - Spring play concludes. Awards will be presented to those teams who finish 1 - 4 in each gender/age bracket (both Select and Recreational). Standings will be based on average/points per games played.

If you have any questions, please click here to email the Spring Coordinator.

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